One Of The Worst Fouls Seen In A FIFA World Cup Match

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The World Cup celebrated in Spain back in 1982 saw probably one of the most horrific fouls ever seen in a competition of this kind. However, before talking about it, it should be said that Germany has given some of the best goalkeepers in the history of the game. Some of them are:

  • Sepp Maier;
  • Oliver Khan;
  • and also Manuel Neuer.

Another name that could be added is Harald Schumacher. He was the starting goalkeeper for the West Germany squad back in that competition. He gave a lot of security to his teammates when in goal back then.

The Horrific Tackle

Patrick Battiston was a player of the French National squad back then. He received a long pass that would allow him to face Schumacher face to face. The keeper runs to try and get to the ball first. A goal of this kind would certainly give lots of winnings for those who bet at However, for the bad luck of the Frenchman, the keeper jumped right into his face, resulting in a violent collision.


The result? Battiston fell to the ground, motionless. His teammates immediately called for the medical services to treat him. After he was stabilized for a few minutes, he was able to leave the field, being transported to a hospital instantly. Now every time that Germany and France face each other, that incident comes to mind.

The Consequences

Battiston received a lot of medical checks on his arrival at the hospital. The results were clear and catastrophic. He broke two teeth, got a concussion, and broke a vertebrae. The funny thing is that Charles Cover, who was the referee at the time, didn’t even signal a foul. Of course, to bet on matches of this kind, it is possible to visit the bookmaker and live casino – play and win with 1xBet, for lots of winning chances.

However, if the same foul had occurred now, probably the VAR would have acted, and Schumacher would have received a red card for sure. However, back then, the keeper was able to continue playing as if nothing happened. 


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