Football Bets And Types Of Football Bets On VN88 Bookie

Football is always the most interesting sport and the diverse betting system of football at VN88 helps bettors to bet in the most accurate way. Let’s learn about VN88 football betting and the types of bets available.

Overview of VN88 Online Football Betting

Football betting at VN88 online bookie includes many big and small tournaments in the country and around the world.

We cannot ignore the matches that belong to tournaments that are loved by many fans. These are the English Premier League, the European national championship, French Ligue 1, German, Spanish, and Italian leagues, etc.

All football matches are built by this bookie “the odds table” in detail. Betting players can fully apply their knowledge and experience of football betting to make sure you will catch a lot of good bets at VN88 Sports.

Guide To Betting On Football At VN88

To participate in football betting at VN88, do not forget to create an account for yourself and then log in. After successfully logging in, please top up your account and start playing football betting in this bookie.

  • At VN88 bookie website interface, you select “Sports” -> Select “E-Sports” -> select Football bets in the left column of the screen interface.
  • After choosing football betting, choose 1 football match that you are most knowledgeable about to participate in betting. Each match will come with a corresponding odds table for players to bet on.
  • To place a bet, click on the bet you want -> Enter the bet amount and confirm the bet.
Learn The Basic Types Of Football Odds/Bets On VN88 Bookie
European Handicap

European Handicap, also known as 1×2, is the odds that bookmakers use to determine which team is stronger, weaker and is a very popular type of bet. However, to play this type of bet, players need to have skills and a thorough understanding of 1×2 bets to accurately predict the outcome of the match.

Asian Handicap

As the name implies, this type of bet originated in the Asian betting world, but it has spread and is increasingly popular in European countries as well. The most obvious difference compared to the European handicap is that the Asian handicap has only two options, there is no draw.


This is a type of handicap in which, when the correlation between the two sides is not balanced, the stronger team will have to handicap the weak team by a few goals. For example, handicap 1 goal, handicap 1 and a half, handicap 2 lose half, etc.

Over & Under

This is a bet based on the total number of goals scored by both teams at the end of the match. Players who place bets on Over and Under on VN88 bookie do not need to care about which team wins or loses, just the total number of goals scored in a match.

Penalty Card Bet

Includes bets regarding the total number of yellow and red cards drawn in the match. There are the following types of penalty card bets:

  • Total yellow cards: Will the number of yellow cards of the 2 attacking teams be larger or smaller than the number given by VN88 bookie?
  • Yellow Card Handicap: How many yellow cards does the home team accept for the away team?
  • Red Card Handicap: Which team will get a red card? How many red cards are in this match?
  • Card bets: Did team A receive 3 yellow cards in the match?
Penalty Round Handicap

This type of bet is often applied in cup matches or rounds that need to determine the winner and loser to continue without using points to compare. This bet only appears after 90 minutes or after 120 minutes, and both teams are inconclusive:

  • Over/Under Penalty: Do the 2 teams need to shoot all the 5th kicks to find the winner?
  • The total number of successful or failed penalty shots is odd or even.

In addition to the above popular football bets, bettors on VN88 online bookie from can also experience a variety of other available bets. Join betting and experience football betting on the prestigious VN88 bookie.


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