Who Will Win The 2024 European Championship?

Every four years, the strongest football nations in the world meet to celebrate the King of Sports and to decide which nation is crowned the King of Football.

The next edition of this prestigious event, the 2024 UEFA European Championship – the EUROs – is hosted by Germany – their national team is qualified by default for the event.

The EURO 2024 qualifiers are still well underway, so predicting the winner of the event would be like placing a single number bet on one of ZAR Casino’s roulette tables.

But based on their performance from the past and their results at the FIFA World Cup, we can already try to guess who will come out as the top football nation in Europe next year.


Italy used to be one of Europe’s football powerhouses. Its club competitions, especially its top-flight league, Serie A, is still followed all over the globe.

But as a football nation, it has declined a lot over the years. With four titles under its belt, Italy couldn’t go past the FIFA World Cup Group Stage in 2010 and 2014 and failed to qualify in the last two editions of the event.

While the Italian national team still has quite a few big names, like Immobile and Raspadori, most bookmakers agree that it won’t be on the podium at the 2024 event.


The Portuguese national team qualified for the FIFA World Cup in 2022 but didn’t make it through the Group Stage, having lost matches to Morocco and South Korea.

All this in spite of the presence of talent like Diogo Costa, Cristiano Ronaldo, and João Félix on the turf. For the European Championship, bookies expect to see the team do well – but not well enough for the podium.


At the 2022 World Cup, the Spanish team didn’t do well at all. After the Group Stage, it lost to Japan, reached a draw with Germany, and was knocked out by Morocco. Its only resounding victory was a 7-0 over Costa Rica.

With Rodri, Ruiz, Morata, and Torres on the turf, bookmakers expect Spain to do well, maybe even finish in the top 3 of the competition.


The German national team didn’t perform as expected at the 2022 World Cup, being one of the big let-downs of the tournament when they were eliminated due to Japan’s surprise victory over Spain.

This is in spite of having talented players like Kai Havertz, Thomas Müller, and Ter Stegen on the turf. Being the hosts of the event, they will have the advantage of their home turf. As such, they are expected to finish the EURO 2024 in the top 3.

England and France

England and France are two strong football nations – and bookies expect them to fight for the title in 2024. England comes with a mix of veterans – Walker, Maguire, Kane, and Rashford alongside Bellingham and Saka.

While France brings its big guns: Tchouaméni, Griezmann, Mbappé, and Dembélé. Most bookmakers agree that the title will be taken home by one of these two nations.

It remains to be seen which one of them will prove to be the better football nation in the end.

The Fun Starts Next Summer

Over the next few months, the teams will play the qualifying rounds of the UEFA EURO 2024, followed by the play-offs. The tournament itself will begin next June, and bring a month of top-flight football to the screens and betting shops around you. Who do you think will win the tournament next year?


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