Sports Betting And Virtual Sports Betting On Prestige W88 Bookie

Sports betting and virtual sports betting attract a lot of bettors on W88 online bookie because of the fun and high profits it brings. Let’s learn about these 2 super profitable betting forms right away to start betting on W88 online bookie in the article below.

Overview Of Sports Betting And Virtual Sports Betting On W88 Bookie

The sports betting portfolio on W88 is packed with dozens of impressive sports, both bringing players sublimation and great rewards with valuable bet tickets.

Participating in sports betting on W88, you will experience the opportunity to research and predict unexpected results of football, baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, etc.

Virtual Sport is a special type of sports betting for W88 bookie players. Sports are programmed using simulation technology with 3D graphics so that players can watch and bet directly on matches or games quickly and conveniently.

Simply put, virtual sports is a way of betting based on virtual sports matches instead of betting on real-life matches or sports.

The Most Attractive Sports Betting

In addition to extremely good odds, W88 also has a team of experts who regularly analyze and synthesize information to bring players the latest news. Here are the sports betting with a large percentage of bettors.

Football Betting

King of sports betting is growing very strongly at W88 with a variety of tournaments as well as extremely attractive game rules. Currently, the house is opening nearly 20 of the largest betting tournaments in Asia to satisfy the needs of bettors. Tournaments have many different odds, you can choose Asian, European, over and under, etc.

Basketball Betting

After football, basketball is an attractive sport for fans, which means that this is an indispensable betting sport at W88 Bookie. With nearly 10 biggest basketball tournaments in the world, the odds are very high, so the return rate is not small.

Horse Racing Betting

Betting on horse racing at W88 with the rules of the game is not complicated, you just need to register an account and place a bet then predict the outcome of the whole match. This is also a form of play where bettors rely on the bets set by the bookie.


In addition to the outstanding sports betting mentioned above, players can also learn more about other sports betting available on W88 online bookie if interested.

Virtual Sports Betting

These sports are published by virtual sports game publishers in cooperation with bookmakers. Bets and match results are made by computer algorithms without human intervention.

Although it is a form of betting based on simulated matches, players can have complete trust and transparency when placing bets on W88 Virtual sports betting. In addition, virtual sports are full of popular betting options for players to choose from.

The biggest difference between virtual sports betting and real sports is that the match time is shortened to only a few minutes, so players can bet at any time of the day.

Depending on the sport, W88 Bookie offers different bets for players. Odds are calculated by a computer and given automatically based on complex algorithms.

The way to play virtual sports is to bet on any convenient option, you click on the odds corresponding to that market. When the bet slip appears, the player enters the amount of money he wants to bet and then confirms that the bet is complete.

A match in W88 virtual sports betting only lasts for a very short time from 2-4 minutes to know the result. Therefore, players do not spend much time waiting. Situations of the match or game are displayed directly on the screen.


Above is the information that bettors need to know about 2 attractive forms of betting on W88 online bookie from sports betting and virtual sports betting. There have been many players who have made great profits from betting on one of these two types, you should also join today.



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