Can You Make A Living Out Of Betting On Football?

Sports betting continues to be a popular activity among many sports fans, especially football fans. Every time a major football event is on, many football fans are on the lookout for today’s match predictions to be able to place well-informed bets that could boost their chances of winning.

While some only take sports betting as a hobby or a form of entertainment that makes their sports viewing experience more thrilling, others take this seriously because they are after making profits.

However, do you know that aside from sports betting itself, there are other ways to earn money while gambling? If you have been sharing your success in betting or someone good with predictions, then you have probably established a solid following.

In this case, looking for an Affiliate Network platform like may be your next step to earn more than what you’re winning from football betting.

With all the possibilities of earning money from football betting, can we already conclude that you can make a living out of it? Well, this depends and you should keep on reading to understand why it may not be a good idea too.

What To Consider If You Want Football Betting To Be Your Career

People who are considered sports or football betting professionals are the ones who are getting at least 60% of their income from this activity. They are also the ones who are serious about sports betting. Some of them are also behind the best prediction and betting tips blogs and social media accounts online.

Does that automatically mean that there is a place for football betting enthusiasts in the professional betting scene? We honestly wouldn’t say so. The truth is that if you want to be a professional punter, you need to be able to afford it based on time, effort, and of course, money.

Like with any other business, taking football betting as a profession or a career comes with risks. We wouldn’t recommend people to leave their day jobs to focus on football betting right away. Profiting from this activity takes time, money, and deep knowledge.

It involves a lot of risks because most punters would know that you can’t win every bet that you place. That said, you should be ready to lose and also afford losses. Making profits from football betting also takes luck but it will also always boil down to your knowledge of football, the teams, and the players.


Now, if you’ve been a punter for a while and you have all the time and budget to take the risks, then turning this activity into a serious career could be a good idea. If you have solid betting expertise, aside from betting, there are also other ways to earn money from what you’re doing.

You can start a blog, a YouTube channel, or a social media account that could help punters to make better bets. Prediction sites these days are very useful to both casual and frequent gamblers. Aside from the money, you’ll make from your site’s or page’s traffic, you can also try to be an affiliate of certain online casinos or sportsbooks.

This is where an Affiliate Network like Imperial Deal will come in handy because they can help you be in contact with some of the biggest iGaming brands today. However, know that affiliation will only work in your favor if you have already built quite a following.

When it comes to earning money from affiliation, it is performance-based. Typically, if you work with an online bookie, they will be giving you a promo code or referral link that you will promote to your followers. Your earnings will then depend on how many people will use your code and/or link.


With all that in mind, you should already know that it is possible to make a living out of betting on football and even on any other sports. However, this isn’t really for everybody.

Not because you already know a thing or two about betting and football, you can already leave your stable job and pursue a professional betting career or even be an affiliate of a bookie. You have to be willing to lose. You also should be able to afford to lose. Profiting from sports betting alone takes time.

However, if you’re someone who has decided to take on this path, be sure to develop effective strategies and track your progress. This way, you can always improve your bets and find other ways to earn money from your skills too.



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