What Is Maxim88? Is It A Trusted Casino In Singapore?

Maxim88 Casino, a premier online gaming platform, offers an exhilarating experience tailored for every player. With a vast array of games and enticing promotions.

Maxim88 stands out as a beacon of excitement and opportunity in the world of online casinos. Discover endless entertainment and thrilling rewards at Maxim88 today.

Overview Of Maxim88

Maxim88 is a long-standing casino based in Singapore, first launched in 2006. This casino boasts an extensive game library featuring live casino games, slots, fishing games, lotteries, 3D games, and more.

It holds exclusive partnerships with renowned vendors such as Evolution, Next Spin, Fa Cai, YesGetRich, Mega888, and 918Kiss.

In 2022, after a decade in the market, Maxim88 signed a brand ambassador contract with Michael Owen, a legendary football player who has played for numerous English Premier League clubs.

Games at Maxim88 are continuously upgraded to provide users with the best experiences in terms of sound, graphics, realism, and transparency.

It’s these advantages that consistently place Maxim88 among the most trusted casinos in Singapore.

Why Do We Pick This Casino?

Brand Ambassador: A Mark Of Trustworthiness

Maxim88 collaborates with brand ambassador Michael Owen – a legendary football player. Do you think having a brand ambassador is important for the reputation of a brand?

We believe it is crucial. With his reputation built over many years, Michael Owen surely only chooses safe and legal casinos to collaborate with.

He is a player who has played for many famous clubs worldwide such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, and Liverpool. If you are a football fan, you must have heard of Michael.

Partnering with this footballer shows Maxim88 is a reliable destination for your betting needs.

As A Long-Standing Competitor In The Market

First launched in 2006 when Singapore didn’t have many online casinos, but to this day, amidst countless competitors, Maxim88 has maintained its allure. If a casino isn’t reputable, safe, and entertaining, it surely wouldn’t have survived over a decade.

Despite being a long-standing competitor, Maxim doesn’t lag behind younger rivals in today’s market. This casino consistently updates its security technology, popular games, and even its interface to stay relevant.

Available Mobile Apps

While most casinos nowadays have mobile apps, unfortunately, not every competitor offers both Android and iOS versions. Many online casinos only have apps for Android, but Maxim88 goes above and beyond.

You just need to scan the QR code to download the app, which is extremely lightweight, onto your mobile phone. If you’re unsure how to install it, simply click on the instruction section right below the QR code, and you’ll be guided step by step until successful installation.

This ensures that users, even those without prior experience in mobile casino gaming, can easily install the app. After installation, you can deposit funds into your Maxim88 casino account without relying on a browser.

What Makes Maxim88’s Offers Attractive?

One of the most enticing offers from Maxim88 is the welcome bonus for slot games, which can go up to 288% (Maximum SGD288).

If you’re a fan of slot games, don’t miss the chance to receive a substantial amount for a smooth start! Additionally, Maxim88 offers a welcome bonus of up to 100% for other games.

But is that all? If you’re a crypto user, you can also earn an X3 reward when depositing with cryptocurrency.

Furthermore, we can’t overlook other promotions such as birthday bonuses, daily reload bonuses, or bonuses when you download the app to your phone.

Being the exclusive partner of Evolution in Asia, Maxim88 provides more opportunities for lucky draws and weekly lucky spins with prizes of up to SGD12888.

By knowing how to utilize these bonuses, you can increase your chances of earning more money when participating in games here.

Diverse And Innovative Payment Methods

One of Maxim88’s highlights is its allowance for players to deposit with various cryptocurrencies. With this innovative payment method, you’ll have more options than just bank transfers, debit, and credit cards. Of course, traditional methods are still available to serve various customer needs.

Maxim88 also supports user payments via SurePay and TruePay.

Nice Customer Service

Maxim88’s customer service operates 24/7 through two main channels: Live chat and Telegram. Although there are relatively fewer communication channels, you can still send your questions and inquiries directly on the casino’s homepage.

If you prefer phone calls or WhatsApp chats, this might be slightly inconvenient. However, the attitude and competence of customer service are more important, right?

Not only are they quick in responding to customer inquiries, but Maxim88 is also very friendly and respectful to its players. If you need help in controlling your casino gaming, you can also contact them for solutions.

Mistakes To Avoid When Gambling With Maxim88

Not Being 18 Years Old

Age is one of the most important factors in determining whether you are eligible to register an account at Maxim88. As a casino responsible to the community and society, Maxim88 will not allow users under 18 years old to register an account and deposit here.

The reason is simple. People under 18 usually do not have the means to earn money, so the money they use for betting may be illegal.

Young players also may lack the ability to control themselves and their finances. Therefore, make sure you are 18 years old to register an account at Maxim88!

Forgetting To Select The Promotional Code When Depositing Money

Just like when shopping online, if you forget to apply a discount voucher, you will have to pay a much higher price. So when depositing money at Maxim88, never forget to apply the promotional code!

This will help you get additional attractive bonuses to bet on games without using your real money online casino Singapore.

Having 2 Active Accounts

 You can create more than 1 account, but Maxim88’s promotions can only be applied to the first account. That’s why you can’t receive attractive offers when depositing money.

We advise you to create only 1 unique account. This will help you easily manage your budget and avoid unnecessary identification issues.

Not Meeting The Minimum Betting Amount

Every casino offers highly attractive bonuses, and Maxim88 is no exception. However, to qualify for these offers, you must meet certain requirements.

The most common requirement of a casino for its customers is that they must wager a certain minimum amount. If you deposit an amount less than the specified minimum, unfortunately, you won’t have the opportunity to receive the promotion.

Game Not Included In The Promotional Category

To grab customers’ attention, many casinos employ marketing strategies to attract users through promotional numbers in taglines.

However, it’s the responsibility of the customer to carefully read the rules. You should thoroughly understand whether the promotion you want to receive applies to the game you choose or not.

If a certain promotion only applies to slots but you want to play fishing games, you won’t receive this bonus.

Moreover, you may also miss out on promotions due to selecting the wrong currency. Make sure you choose the preferred currency according to the country you are residing in.

How To Join Maxim88?
  • Step 1: Access the Maxim88 homepage. Here, you’ll find the yellow “Join Now” button at the top right corner. You can also opt for the “Download” button to install the app on your phone. However, for registration, we recommend doing it on a computer.


  • Step 2: Enter the username you wish to create, then set a password. Ensure your password is complex and known only to you. Store it securely.


  • Step 3: Input your email address and select the currency of the country you reside in. If you’re in Singapore, choose SGD as the currency for transactions.


  • Step 4: Verify your account via email.


  • Step 5: Now you have your account. Select “Deposit” and choose your preferred transaction method. Don’t forget to select a promotional code for an additional welcome bonus!


  • Step 6: Explore Maxim88’s extensive game library and enjoy fantastic moments of entertainment.

Smart Gambling With Maxim88

To maximize your winning opportunities and minimize risks to the fullest, don’t overlook the advice from our experts:

  • Set limits: This is one of the most crucial aspects because if you gamble without limits, you’ll quickly find yourself in a broke situation. Nobody wants to go from being a gentleman to homeless overnight, right? It may sound unlikely, but it has happened to many gamblers simply because they believed that the more they played, the more they would win.


  • Utilize bonuses: Bonuses from Maxim88 will help you have extra funds to place bets, thereby increasing your chances of winning without using your own real money.


  • Read the rules carefully: Maxim88 has clear rules for each game and also offers a demo feature. If the manufacturer is considerate enough, don’t let yourself lose money foolishly because you don’t understand the rules!

If you feel that you or someone close to you shows signs of online gambling addiction, seek help from authorized organizations immediately.

But overall, if you can control your finances and set wise limits in gambling, Maxim88 is worth experiencing the highest-quality casino and sports betting games of all time.


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