Tips To Get Better And Rank Up In Valorant

Hello everyone! Are you a fan of valorant and looking to rank up in the game? Well, you’re in the right place!

Reaching the top is tough, with only 2.5% of players reaching the highest Immortals and earning a spot on the scoreboard. In addition, only the top 500 Immortal players are considered Radiant, the top tier among the eight ranked tiers in the game.

However, don’t let all these statistics scare you from trying to reach the top. In this article, we’ll discuss Tips to get better and rank up in Valorant.

The Ranking System In Valorant

Valorant’s ranking system allows players to see how they stack up against each other and provides a clear path for improvement. Players can climb or fall through the ranks with each win or loss.

Each rank represents a skill level and serves as a benchmark for players to strive. Valorant has a total of eight ranked tiers. They are:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Radiant
Tips To Rank Up Faster In Valorant

Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, the six tips mentioned here will help you climb the rank to the top in no time.   

  1. Improve Your Aim

Being precise and accurate with your shots can make the difference between winning and losing a round in Valorant. 

To improve your aim in valorant, you should practice at the shooting range. Also, experiment with different crosshair styles, focus on crosshair placement, use aim training programs, and find the right mouse sensitivity. 


It takes time and dedication to improve your aim, so keep going even if you are still waiting to see results. Just keep practicing, and you’ll get there.

2. Learn Learnup & Strategies

Speaking of aim, great skill in it alone won’t cut it. You should not only be aware of the lineups for the Agent you are playing but also know what lineups to expect from the enemy team. Once you know the lineups, the next step is to develop countermeasures to all of these common meta lineups. 

Practicing lineups and testing strategies for hours without any opposition could get tiring and boring.  But as with any other competitive sport, you need to be disciplined and put in the hard yards to achieve the ladder of success.

3. Play Deathmatch Before Competitive

Before jumping into a competitive queue, you would do well to warm up with a few deathmatch games. 

Deathmatch games can help you get a feel for the game’s weapons, maps, and mechanics. It will sharpen your aim and develop your playstyle. You also get to practice your movement, crosshair placement, and reaction time in a low-stakes environment. 

4. Watch The Videos Of Pro-Players

Watching videos of professional players can be a great way to learn new strategies and techniques. Not only will you learn how they go about their game, but you will also get a sense of their decision-making process and mindset while playing.  

5. Learn Multiple Agents

Valorant has 18 agents at the time of writing this article. Each Agent has unique abilities and playstyles. Therefore, familiarizing yourself with multiple agents will allow you to adapt to different styles and playstyles.  

You must learn to play with at least four to five Agents from different categories (Duelist, Sentinel, Controller, and Initiator). Playing with multiple agents will give you a major advantage over opponents who only know how to play a few agents. You will see your ranking go up as a result. 

6. Identify The Areas You Can Improve Upon

The key to breaking the rank barrier and climbing the ranks in the game is identifying the areas you need to improve. 

The first step in this direction is taking stock of your strengths and weaknesses. Next, watch replays of your game. Look for patterns and areas where you can improve, be it your aim skill, positioning, or communication with your team.

Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from others. Your teammates can offer valuable insights into your game. 

To Sum Up

Climbing the ranks in Valorant requires skills, strategy, and self-appraisal. By analyzing your game, seeking feedback from others, and studying professional players, you can identify areas you need to improve and take your gameplay to the next level.

Remember, with dedication and hard work, you’ll find yourself climbing the rankings in no time.

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