Sports Betting: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Sports betting is booming all over the world. Billions of dollars are being spent on online betting. More and more players are looking to wager online on live sports betting. In addition to professional bettors, many beginners are looking to start their gambling journey. In this article, we will share some incredible tips and tricks that will surely help you in online betting.

Look For The Best Odds

Before you sign up with an online bookmaker, spend some time searching for the best odds. Make sure to compare the odds from different betting providers before you set up an account with them. Many online bookmakers offer exciting bonuses to lure new customers. Some betting sites even offer free bets on deposits. You should only register when you are completely satisfied with the betting offers and odds.

There are many sites online which compare the odds for you. Take a look at them and whatever provider suits you, you can sign up with them. One of such sites is Info Striker. It is a top online site that compares the best live odds in Nigeria. You can check live football scores too and read their detailed and honest reviews of online bookmakers.

Check If The Bookmaker Offers Live Streaming Services

If you like to bet on sports like Football, make sure to check beforehand if the betting site provides HD live streaming to its customers. Even if you are betting on your smartphone, you can watch the match live and place your bets accordingly.

Prepare Your Bets Properly

Many betting sites proclaim that you just need instincts to become a successful punter. That is far from the truth. Preparing for the bet is also as fundamental as your instincts. You can’t just randomly place your bets. Therefore, you should prepare your bets via the following:

  • Analyse the Statistics: Read and analyse the stats. There’s a famous saying that numbers don’t lie. Sometimes, a team always has an advantage over their opponent. Some teams have an upper hand against an opposite team regardless of their current form. However, that does not mean that you can always easily predict the outcome. It is merely an indication of the team’s performance against their opponent.
  • Check their current form: Sports especially football often works in a pattern. If a team has not won any of their past six games, then it is likely that this current form will continue to include the seventh loss.
  • Stay Updated with the news: If a team travels to an away game without their top striker, this reduces their chances of winning the game. If the opponent’s goalkeeper is unavailable or injured, this decreases their chances of winning. Keep up with the sports news and gain knowledge about the conditions of the event/game you are looking to wager on.
  • Check the Current Table Situation: When it comes to football betting tips, the current table situation is an important parameter. Analysing the table, you can generally rate the strength of the two opponents. The betting sites also know this and adjust the betting odds accordingly. Outsider bets can therefore be particularly worthwhile if they make sense.
Don’t Make Rash Decisions

If you cannot make a clear decision regarding your bet, then don’t bet at all. The providers are not running out of sports bets. Your balance, on the other hand, can be quickly reduced with tips that you have placed without full conviction. An important strategy that newcomers to sports betting should definitely heed is the management of the stakes.

Don’t Get Greedy

Especially in the beginning, you shouldn’t be seduced by the prospect of quick profits and place too high stakes. Many betting professionals work with the index number 2.5: They never bet more than 2.5 percent of their credit.

For example, your credit is 50 Dollars. 2.5% of $50 is $1.25. Your first bet should consist of this stake. If you win your bet, you can slightly increase the stakes which will also result in higher profit. On the other hand, if you lose the bet, there is still enough credit left to recover your losses.

Follow Different Strategies

There are many sports betting strategies out there that can help you win money at online betting. The trick is to try all of them and stick with the one which makes you money. If one strategy makes someone money, it may not bring you any money at all. You should try for yourself and not blindly copy others’ bets.


We are aware that good luck is required for winning professional bets however with some tips and strategies, your winning chances can be increased. Following a good betting strategy and a few basic rules can help your luck a little.

The most important thing is a high level of discipline and a detailed analysis of the respective bets. The comparison of the odds between the different online bookmakers also plays a crucial role. Try to avoid being emotional or betting on your favourites. Be cool-headed and take your time to place a bet. After that, nothing should stand in the way of a winning bet.


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