Gambling In 2022: Most Popular Trends

The world moves on quickly, and those left behind may not be able to recover; now, online gambling faces have integrated an updating and innovative approach to service the market and keep users engrossed. Online gambling is made up of casino games, poker, sports betting, etc. – all accessed over the internet.

With the global online gambling market at about $59 billion in 2022 due to the growth of interest during the pandemic, another rise to $92 billion is expected in 2023, which means the market is set to keep increasing over the years.

The internet has revamped the gambling experience and offered a new way to bet and for people to interact with each other. Thus online sportsbooks must find ways to keep up with the most popular trends to maintain their hold in the market.

Not keeping up with the latest trends has seen land-based casino companies close shops due to a lack of emerging features like VR, Esports, cryptocurrencies, etc. 

The following are some of the most popular trends seen within the gambling market in 2022:

  • Cryptocurrencies

Digital currencies are among the latest trends that Sportsbook cannot ignore in online gambling. Cryptocurrency opens access for punters in localities where online gambling may be difficult to access.

Assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Tether, etc., have a high potential, and that is why 1xBit has listed them in conjunction with over 35 cryptocurrencies on its website.

Blockchain technology which is the foundation of the digital currency system has been used to make online gambling more secure to avoid the possibility of unauthorized intrusion. The verification and decentralized nature of some cryptocurrencies also benefit the users by ensuring that the online casinos are transparent in their dealings.

Another critical benefit of cryptocurrency in online betting is anonymity protection during transactions. Such is not obtainable when using fiat currencies.

  • Virtual Reality

Even with the advent of the internet and other technological innovations, none saw the coming of Virtual Reality (VR). This world seeks to bridge the gap between what is online and reality.

VR is a trend that will be fascinating to punters, especially the younger generation. With virtual reality, they can observe what is happening in any live casino in real-time; they can throw the dice or spin the roulette wheel themselves from the comfort of their homes.

The need for VR was made more prominent with the help of Facebook announcing its entrance into the metaverse space; with this development, players will get more enthrallment in VR.

VR in online gambling may increase thanks to the falling hardware price; consumer headsets may become affordable in the coming years.


  • Esports

Electronic sports, AKA Esports, is a game-changer for online bookies. The new betting trend has truly evolved into a spectator market, and over the years, the number of players and prize size pool will continue to rise.

Esports are almost the same as traditional sports, with each fan following teams, watching matches, and placing bets.

What was seen as a niche market is now gaining momentum in 2022. Esports are streamed live; streaming platforms like Twitch and Youtube have brought it closer to millions of viewers. It is even more attractive because some tournaments involve teams and players competing for millions of dollars.

Esports gained more adoption during the COVID-19 pandemic. It generated over $1 billion in revenue and is expected to reach $2 billion in 2022.

Esports betting appeals to the younger generation because it features popular video games like FIFA, DOTA2, FPS, Call of Duty, Counterstrike, etc. It is no secret that Gen-Zs go wherever they can find the latest trend.

Benefits Of Using 1xBit

All of these new trends are worth the attention, and here’s the best place to find them –

As a crypto betting site, 1xBit ensures that players have a host of digital currencies; punters can access over 40 cryptocurrencies on 1xBit.

For the online Sportsbook, it is all about choice; it has embedded different live-streaming options with more than four game options to watch simultaneously.

Esports is among the popular trend in online gambling and has been integrated on 1xBit to create a thrilling user experience for players. There is a vast collection of Esport games like CSGO, DOTA 2, Volarant, LoL, etc.

The user’s experience while surfing the website improves with the latest updates, which allow all the information about the date, place, and results of the previous games to be shown on the match page.

It is a smooth sail to join 1xBit as the only required registration data is an email address. New users are also entertained with a welcome bonus of up to 7 BTC for the first four deposits.

In the current world where data privacy is more needed than ever, 1xBit understands this and assures that every user’s transactions are secured and anonymous.


As new online gambling trends are rolled out, it is essential to get hold of the opportunity and determine how online sportsbooks can apply each trend in a more practical and user-friendly way that would be useful to the users.

A great way to keep up with the latest trends is to follow websites with good gaming experiences like 1xBit, where users access the newest features and unending bonuses.


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