United By Sport: PariPesa’s Impact At LASUSTECH

PariPesa, a leading sports betting brand, recently took a meaningful step towards giving back to the community and promoting sportsmanship among Nigerian youths.

By donating full football equipment and kits to tertiary institutions in Nigeria, the company demonstrated its dedication to sports and corporate social responsibility.

For its first donation, P ariPesa selected Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH), a university with a vibrant student population of over 30,000.


This choice ensured that the brand’s support reached a relevant audience of individuals aged 18 and above.

The donation included essential football gear, such as jerseys proudly displaying “PARIPESA.NG” highlighting the brand’s commitment to grassroots sports.

These kits will play a significant role in inter-school competitions, fostering healthy competition and university camaraderie.

A highlight of the event was a friendly match organized by LASUSTECH students to express their gratitude towards PariPesa. 100-level students formed Team PariPesa, while their 200-level counterparts represented Team LASUSTECH.

Under the guidance of the university’s esteemed head coach and a former Super Eagles player turned assistant coach, both teams displayed passion and determination on the field.

The match culminated in an exciting penalty shootout, with Team PariPesa clinching a narrow 6-5 victory over Team LASUSTECH.

Mr. Joseph Alabisi Ogumbowale, the Acting Assistant of sports at Lagos State University of Science and Technology, did not conceal his feelings about the event:

“We sincerely appreciate your kind gesture. I want to thank your company for this gesture that encouraged most of the students to participate in the activities.”

Beyond football, the event served as a celebration of unity and community spirit. PariPesa’s donation not only provides opportunities for aspiring athletes but also fosters a sense of pride and belonging among LASUSTECH students.

The entire event was captured on film and will be shared across PariPesa’s media platforms. This initiative aims to showcase the brand’s philanthropic efforts and inspire others to support sports and youth development initiatives.



As the event concludes, it’s evident that PariPesa’s commitment to giving back resonates deeply with Nigerians.

By investing in young athletes and promoting sportsmanship, PariPesa emerges not only as a sports betting brand but also as a champion of community empowerment.



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