Football Betting And Result Prediction Tips On 188BET Bookie

Football betting is so familiar to many online betting players today. With this form, you not only satisfy your passion but also have the opportunity to get rich easily with 188BET bookie.

The following article on football betting on 188BET will provide you with more accurate results prediction tips.

Overview Of Online Football Betting On 188BET

Modern technology has helped many people choose online football betting instead of traditional playing. In comparison, this form of online play has a lot of advantages and especially when you participate at 188BET bookie.

188BET betting playground is one of the leading betting sites in Europe with the owner company Cube Limited based in the UK. This bookie is licensed by the gambling authority of this country and is legally allowed to operate.

In addition, this betting playground is also one of the units with strong economic potential because it has signed many sponsorship contracts for football tournaments around the world. With all of this, it can be seen that this is a prestigious and excellent destination for football betting players.

Reasons To Join 188BET Football Betting
Betting Is Legal

Online football betting at 188BET is completely legal, as analyzed above, the company is licensed to operate by the British government. Therefore, the activities here are always transparent and under the strictest supervision. Players here are also completely assured when choosing to play betting here.

Various Types Of Bets

The variety of bets is also the reason why players choose to bet on football at 188BET. Specifically, there will be European, Asian, over-under to other side bets and players only need to choose for themselves a form of betting that they like as well as the most suitable for the player himself.

In addition, 188BET bookie at also regularly pays attention to constantly updating on new forms of betting in the world today. This is also what will give players a great experience.

Tips To Predict Football Results For Betting On 188BET
Predictions Through Game History

Based on the evaluation of the match history of the two teams you can predict the football results and this method when applied brings highly accurate results.

Things that players need to notice and grasp include:

  • How is the performance of the two teams, can that performance be maintained long-term through the matches? Does the style of play decrease toward the end of the game?
  • Results of the number of goals that the team has scored, the probability of putting the ball in the net in the last 5 matches.
  • Analyze the good points and weaknesses of the two teams, and put the two teams up to compare their strengths. Thereby we can have the insight to make the forecast with the highest accuracy that gives the chances of winning the bet.
Predict By Collecting Data Before The Match

One way to predict football results that is widely trusted by players on 188BET bookie is to collect pre-match data to make betting decisions.

The data about the two teams to collect before the match includes:

  • Which players will be in the team’s starting lineup? How to arrange the positions of the players on the field? What is the health status of the players?
  • Which stadium will the two teams play on, what’s the effect of home advantage, the nature of the football field, is it grass or artificial turf?
  • The antecedents of the referee.

In addition, bettors can also predict football results based on the given odds, this gives bettors the ability to make accurate and confident betting decisions.


The above is the information about football betting on 188BET online bookie and the results prediction tips selected and applied by many bettors. Join football betting on 188BET to apply what you have just learned from the above article.


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